Conferences: The Education Sphere

Youth is one of the priorities of the MONDIAL DU RHUM. It is also a question of presenting this Rum Ecosystem which wins at the end of the season. to be known, so as to make young generations aware of training and career opportunities in the world of rum.

The first edition of this international meeting will be the scene of questions but above all of remediation around the lack of visibility of the event. on this ecosystem as a workplace.

How are the various potentials implemented in this ecosystem? What existing training? What areas of development for new degree courses? How to promote agricultural education circuits? By what means can all types of profiles qualified to fit into the rum sector and, of course, more generally into this ecosystem.

Provisional program of conferences and speakers:

Australian rum: 150 years of history, state of play and future prospects

The Australian cane spirits industry sugar goes back to; the period between 1865 and 1866 and develops to from the 1880s with three production sites in long term.
The historically oligopolistic structure of Australia’s rum industry results in dominance to a large extent. long term in the sector.
Analysis of recent expansions in export markets over the past five years and a review of the outlook.
Guest country : Australia

French know-how in the teaching of spirits

Already; Known and recognized for its gastronomic excellence and its essential positioning in the world of wine, can France also shine through academic courses in the service of spirits?
How to promote the emergence of training courses in rum in all its facets: production, sale, tasting?
Guest country : France

How to reinvent the image of rum?

Rum had suffered from a tarnished image for decades. Considered as a drink « grief », it was associate to many ills of societies where he was historically produced for centuries.
How to reinvent the image of rum?
Guest country : France-Guadeloupe

Master of Rum, Pious wish or emergence of a new diploma

Like the Master of wine, the question of the training of rum professionals arises.
Guest country : United Kingdom

Training of excellence, lever of outreach to international

Cellar master training, a lever of recognition for Cuban rums.
Guest country : Cuba

What model for a future city of rum, the future heart of spirit-tourism

The Wine City is a world reference in terms of history, culture and heritage. Offers itself, from this concept of multiple activities. Subject of study for a future Rum City?
Guest country : Bordeaux-Guadeloupe

Initiation to Rum culture

In the hotel industry, how to initiate employees and customers to rum culture?
Guest country : Italy

Sensory analysis: The keys to analytical tasting to develop a qualitative approach to spirits.

Inspired by the world of wine, spirits are also developing their tasting system and protocol based on sensory analysis.
Guest country : France