Conferences: The Business Sphere

The MONDIAL DU RHUM is keen to put in place processes that will become terms of quality labels and durability.

With the implementation of production standards, controls and logistics, the Rum sector will be able to be part of a global response that will allow it to claim to a leading position in the world of spirits. A net zero, neutrality initiative carbon, must be a stated objective; by all the actors of this ecosystem, who must put forward a desire to fiercely to achieve it.

The MONDIAL DU RHUM will make it possible to lay the groundwork for this race towards the recognition of this Ecosystem in order to best respond to these economic and environmental issues, by bringing together all its key players and decision-makers.

Provisional program of conferences and speakers:


From wine-tourism to spirit-tourism, a lever for regional tourism development from a heritage and cultural perspective.
Guest country : France

Autonomy in dry matter: the example of French overseas territories

The conflict in Ukraine has highlighted the strong dependence of overseas producers on foreign suppliers of dry materials (glassware, corks, packaging ...).
What solutions can be developed to reduce this dependence and move towards autonomy in dry matter for brands established in the Overseas Departments, creating at the same time new jobs in these territories.
Guest country : Trinidad

Spirits Contest: Discovery Guide or Marketing Tool?

There are a plethora of competitions and medals supposed to reward the best spirits. How is their legitimacy built ?
Guest country : Jamaica

Focus CHR (Café Hôtel Restaurant), Rum at the conquest of the world

From fully specialized tiki bars which are multiplying, to the rooftops of palaces where rum is an increasingly popular component in popular cocktails: study of the extent of distribution targets.
Guest country : Brazil

The place of rum in the world trade in spirits

Rum, a globalized spirit : inventory and focus on a few key markets.
Guest country : India

The Market Bulk Rum International

Opportunities or popularization or speculation?
Guest country : Scotland or Israel

Sweden, Canada, a state monopoly in spirits

Do state monopolies jeopardize fluidity? international trade? Ethyl carbamate is a molecule prohibited in Canada and present in French rums. Is Canadian legislation regarding ethyl carbamate an obstacle to the commercial development of French rums in Canada?
Guest country :Canada

Cognac, Japanese whiskey and Champagne, the reasons for their respective success at international

More than 50 years ago, these spirits were not yet the world reference. What lessons can be learned?
Guest country : Japan

In the world of spirits, the appeal of Rum

Old, amber, white, arranged, liqueurs, ti-punch: the 1000 facets of rum.
Guest country :Hong Kong

The market world of molasses

Who are the producers, traders, buyers?
What is the pricing rule?
Guest country : Germany

Rum and market premium: a relationship with build

Positioning and analysis of rum in the market spirits in volume and value.
It is at both present in cocktails and the subject of record speculation on certain vintages. However, it has yet to find its place in the market. premiums and super premiums. A crossed look on the evolution of tequila and brandy.
Guest country : Mexico