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Edition N°18

Hervé NOVELLI establishes the link between wine tourism and spirit tourism, highlighting the rum experience at the MONDIAL DU RHUM 2024.

Edition N°17

Fabien Humbert, deputy editor-in-chief of Rumporter and spirits expert, expresses his support for MONDIAL DU RHUM 2024 to make Paris the World Capital of Rum.

Edition N°16

Bernard HEGER, advocate of the circular economy, will lead an essential conference at MONDIAL DU RHUM 2024, highlighting its impact on the Rum ecosystem.

Edition N°15

Mario Canonge, French pianist and jazzman, expresses his musical connection with the Rum ecosystem at MONDIAL DU RHUM 2024, affirming his support for this global event.

Edition N°14

Blaise MENDJIWA, former insurer turned filmmaker, will present his award-winning documentary "Guadeloupe Terre de Rhum et des Hommes" at MONDIAL DU RHUM 2024. 

Edition N°13

Innovation at the heart of the Rhum ecosystem, with Crédit Agricole and its Villages by CA, chosen partners to drive innovation at the MONDIAL DU RHUM 2024.

Edition N°12

ERCANE, a research center specialized in sugarcane, is the Réunion Island gem of the global Rhum ecosystem and will be present at the MONDIAL DU RHUM 2024.

Edition N°11

E&A Scheer BV, an essential platform for bulk rum trading internationally. Carsten VLIERBOOM, CEO, will be at MONDIAL DU RHUM 2024 to discuss economic opportunities.

Edition N°10

EMERWALL, a team of engineers, is valorizing Antilles' bagasse by producing eco-friendly insulation panels. MONDIAL DU RHUM 2024 promotes this innovation within the Rhum ecosystem.

Edition N°9

The TROPHY TABLE ART made a stop in French Polynesia to promote careers in the hotel and restaurant industry and encourage new talents. The 5th stop took place from January 28 to February 10, 2023.

Edition N°8

New entrepreneurs, Adeline and Daniel ELISABETH of Rhumstore, are contributing to the excitement in the world of rum. The MONDIAL DU RHUM 2024 aims to establish production and sustainability standards for the rum ecosystem.

Edition N°7

Guadeloupean night in Martinique with SOFT and Fanswa LADREZEAU, celebrating ultramarine musical roots and showcasing the rum ecosystem at MONDIAL DU RHUM 2024.

Edition N°6

Steeve FIRMIN elevates rum arrangés, bridging Guadeloupe and France, symbolizing the innovation of young ultramarine talents in the spirits industry.

Edition N°5

Rum continues its global ascent and shares the stage with whisky at the Whisky Live Paris event in September 2022, reaffirming its position as the favorite spirit of the French.

Edition N°4

Success for "Karibbean à Paris Torcy Plage": a festival bringing together ultramarine cultures with a stage on the water and a friendly atmosphere, promising a successful world tour.

Edition N°3

KARUKERA ONE LOVE: A sunny atmosphere with the greatest artists from the Caribbean and the culture of rum, on September 10th and 11th, 2022 in Torcy, France.

Edition N°2

The fruitful encounter between the creator of the "Origine France Garantie" certification and the MONDIAL DU RHUM 2024 reflects the global influence of rum.

Edition N°1

A delightful pairing of rum and chocolate presented by Naomi MARTINO during an exclusive evening at Village by CA.