The Special Concert

For the Mondial du Rhum, La Caja Negra presents an exceptional casting, a true "All-Star" of French jazz in a big band formation : PIERRE BERTRAND & LA CAJA NEGRA BIG BAND

Pierre Bertrand

Saxophonist, flutist, composer, conductor, arranger, film music composer, winner of the Victoires du Jazz in 2005 with the Paris Jazz Big Band and in 2017 with La Caja Negra: Pierre Bertrand boasts an impressive resume and captivates you with his enchanting and unexpected jazz at each of his stage appearances.

Pierre Bertrand is a director of internationally acclaimed ensembles and has recently been invited to perform in Germany, Latvia, Canada, Argentina, Mexico, and more. He has collaborated with most of the great artists of French jazz.

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Caja Negra

His group, La Caja Negra, explores music, song, and dance with an explosive and festive repertoire, where jazz, Latin, Spanish, and oriental music intersect, inviting renowned international soloists.

La Caja Negra, a true "black box" of an imaginary aircraft that records everything, offers a musical journey through the Mediterranean, Africa, and Latin America.

Take-off, landing, abstract arabesques, travel diary, and a whirlwind of images, Pierre Bertrand's magic celebrates differences and their encounters.