International buyers

The Mondial du Rhum 2024: An opportunity for the whole rum ecosystem!

The Mondial du Rhum is a global showcase for all players in the rum ecosystem, such as producers, coopers, bottlers and designers...
prestigious event will highlight the unique know-how of each, making it possible to gain recognition and notoriety on the international stage.

Meetings with key buyers

The presence of international buyers is a golden opportunity for all producers to meet potential business partners. For example, coopers will be able to present their high-quality barrels, bottlers will be able to offer innovative and personalized products, while designers will have the opportunity to to showcase their unique creations.

Development of strategic partnerships

Meetings with international buyers can lead to forming strong strategic partnerships. Producers will be able to enter into export agreements, coopers will be able to establish relationships with renowned brands, bottlers will be able to join forces with global distributors, and designers will be able to collaborate with rum houses for special editions.

Discovering new trends

The Mondial du Rhum is a platform where rum producers can discover new trends, whether in terms of tastes, packaging design or technical innovations. These discoveries can inspire new creations and drive innovation within the rum industry.

International Promotion

Participating in the Mondial du Rhum allows all the actors of the ecosystem to obtain visibility international unparalleled. Products, barrels, designs, and brands will be exhibited at; an international audience, thereby opening up new business opportunities and enhancing the global reputation of each player.

31 international buyers from 13 countries:

Etats Unis
Royaume Uni

In conclusion, the Mondial du Rhum 2024 offers an opportunity exceptional for all players in the rum ecosystem, whether they are producers, coopers, bottlers, designers or others, to put themselves forward on the world stage.

This prestigious event will make it possible to meet key buyers, develop strategic partnerships, discover new trends, and promote their products and know-how to everyone an international audience.

Don't miss this chance to shine at the heart of the rum industry and strengthen your market worldwide position!