Artistic direction

The Artistic Direction of the MONDIAL DU RHUM: A Masterful Fusion between Arts and Music!

The MONDIAL DU RHUM 2024 is proud to present its unique artistic direction, placed under the leadership of two eminent talents: Victor Anicet, world-renowned visual artist, and Pierre Bertrand, Composer, Author, Flutist and talented saxophonist.

This exceptional artistic direction will mark a new and innovative turning point in the history of summits and fairs dedicated to the world of rum.

By combining the visionary creations of Victor Anicet and the captivating musical flights of Pierre Bertrand, the MONDIAL DU RHUM 2024 pushes the boundaries of artistic expression to offer participants an immersive and multisensory experience never before seen. seen before. A true celebration of art and music that will make this event a memorable and unforgettable meeting for all lovers of rum and artistic emotions.

Victor Anicet,

visionary artist, will bring a new dimension to the event thanks to; his captivating works of art which will be exhibited for the first time at the MONDIAL DU RHUM.

His creativity unbridled and its impactful use of shapes, colors and materials will transport visitors into a world full of wonder.

Its exclusive participation in the MONDIAL DU RHUM will allow guests to discover a unique artistic dimension, thus sublimating the bewitching atmosphere of the Rhum ecosystem.

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But the experience does not stop there !

The concert event of February 14, 2024 will be orchestrated by the talented Pierre Bertrand, a versatile musician whose virtuosity; will enchant the ears of the music lovers present.

Pierre Bertrand,

renowned composer, has the power to transcend emotions through; his masterful flute and saxophone playing.

Accompanied of outstanding musicians, it will offer a musical performance that will harmoniously blend jazz, Caribbean and contemporary influences.

Great opportunity to let yourself be carried away on an exceptional artistic and jazzy journey whereù creativity, passion and magic will come together to create an unforgettable symphony.

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