Conferences: The Public Affairs Sphere

The MONDIAL DU RHUM wishes to place at the center of its project, « the human » at the service of an ecosystem that can only keep its promises of success.

No government or institution is wrong and everyone understands the economic and societal challenges of this market. growing for decades to come. come.
No one doubts this success and each player in the Rum ecosystem wishes to keep their achievements and their know-how and, to let everyone know. all, the role he wants to play in the race for a major podium place.

The MONDIAL DU RHUM will make it possible to mark out not only the role of each player in this ecosystem, but also the scope and structure of each of the parts that make it up.

Provisional program of conferences and speakers:

Opening Plenary

Presentation of the MONDIAL DU RHUM 2024

Traditional products at the service of territorial development

Rum, wine, cigar, cheese … constitute heritage treasures that boost the economic development of their territory of origin.
Riches that should be protected.
Quality labels are they the solution?

G20 du Rhum

Meeting of leaders of rum-producing countries: Canada, Sweden, Cuba, Dominican Republic, India, Holland…
Continuation of the Meeting in the presence of the major players

When public bodies invest in the rum ecosystem: the case of French Polynesia

Polynesia is considered a third country in France. However, this territory is a source of wealth for France with a variety of of terroirs and populations giving rums a high added value.
The wish of the syndicate and the public authorities: to plant 1,000 ha and create 3,000 jobs in the region. horizon 2040 on the rum sector.
Guest country : Suriname

The Rum ecosystem, a new axis of development for the OECS countries

In this context of considerable growth in rum, it is historically legitimate for countries to capitalize on this asset.
Rum as a drink, a tourist product, a training and employment niche, a lever for economic development, a tool for raising awareness. the‘international…
It is a prolific resource for everyone. develop.
Guest country : Saint Lucia, member of the OECS

Dominican Republic: market projection over 5 years

In 2021, Rum exports from the Dominican Republic reached $111.9 million. Figures that testify to a clear post-pandemic recovery.
Looking towards the future and the progression of its assets, the Dominican Republic has many ambitions for the development of the Rum at horizon 2028.
Guest country : Nicaragua

Rum culture, a component of culinary diplomacy?

Gastronomy is an essential element of international meetings, whether political, economic, cultural….
How can the current rum culture fit into the diplomatic universe?
Guest country : Colombia

Closing plenary

Agora of official announcements, protocol and closure