4 fundamental challenges

Structuring the ecosystem to accelerate market growth to increase its influence, it is necessary to bring together all of its stakeholders, to mark out the role of each and to discuss the evolution of the rum market and the regulations that govern it.

Exploring ecosystem opportunities and trends for business, from cane harvesting to commercialization
To continue its growth and claim a leading position in the world of spirits, the rum market must think about a global response that includes the implementation of production standards, controls and logistics adapted to the economic and environmental context.

Encouraging innovation, a powerful lever for longevity and adaptability for the rum market
Innovation and new technologies are powerful levers for modernizing the rum industry and meeting the environmental challenges it faces.

Raising awareness among younger generations about training and career opportunities in the world of Rum. The sustainability of the rum industry could be jeopardized by the lack of visibility of the trades in the sector and the training that leads to them. However, the sector is full of job opportunities for young people affected by unemployment.