International influencers

The Mondial du Rhum 2024: The unique chance to meet the biggest influencers of the rum market!

Influencers from around the world: The Mondial du Rhum brings together the biggest influencers of the market; rum from all over the world. This prestigious event offers an unparalleled opportunity for all players in the rum ecosystem to meet these influential personalities, bloggers, critics and recognized experts, and to raise their awareness of rum. their products and know-how.

Massive promotion on social networks

Market Influencers du Rhum play a crucial role in disseminating information to an audience passionate about rum. By meeting these influencers at the Mondial du Rhum, producers will have the opportunity to to benefit from massive promotion on social networks, thus reaching thousands, even millions of fans and followers.

Boost credibility of the brand

Associating with big-name influencers can significantly boost credibility. players in the rum ecosystem. The positive recommendations and rave reviews from these influencers will have a significant impact on the perception of quality. of their products and services.

Build influencer partnerships

Meetings with influencers can lead to influencer partnerships at any time. long term. Collaborating with influencers will allow you to benefit from visibility. continues and to reach new audiences, thus consolidating their position in the market. International Rum.

Showing their products to the world

Influencers, because of their international audience, have the ability to to make discover the products of the actors of the rum audiences around the world. This represents an opportunity; unique for producers, to attract attention and expand their customer base to worldwide.

International influencers from 11 countries:


In conclusion, the Mondial du Rhum 2024 offers an exceptional opportunity for players in the rum ecosystem to meet the biggest influencers on the market. By building relationships with these influencers, they will be able to benefit from massive promotion on social networks, build their brand credibility, create influencer partnerships and introduce their products to a global audience.

Don't miss this opportunity! unique to shine alongside the biggest players in the industry and to make your products known to the whole world thanks to the influence of rum experts!