The G20 of Rum

The G20 of Rum, dedicated to the Rum ecosystem, is an unprecedented and innovative first edition as part of an unprecedented world summit.

It is an unparalleled opportunity for representatives of producers, distillers, distributors, experts and international institutions to come together and discuss major industry issues, sharing best practices and seeking common solutions to ensure a thriving future for rum.

The G20 du Rhum is the place of a real revolution, where strategic decisions and development policies of the rum industry are debated, thus helping to shape the future of this iconic drink in an innovative and novel way.

In a spirit of cooperation and knowledge sharing, this first edition of the G20 du Rhum allows participants to work closely together on essential subjects such as the preservation of the terroirs, the sustainability of agricultural practices, the reduction of the carbon, the responsible use of natural resources, as well as the promotion of fair trade.

As a catalyst for economic, social and environmental opportunities, this first unprecedented edition of the G20 Rum dedicated to the Rum ecosystem is shaping a prosperous future for the rum industry, while respecting the values ​​of inclusion, equity and sustainability.

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The main players participating in the G20 of Rum:

Rum producersdistilleries and farms that cultivate sugar cane for the production of rum.
Supplierscompanies that bottle and market the different types of rum.
Distributorscompanies that distribute rum to different national and international markets.
Professional associationsorganizations representing the rum industry, producers and stakeholders.
Experts and consultantsprofessionals specializing in the field of rum, contributing their knowledge and expertise.
Researchers and scientiststhose who study production processes, chemical properties and innovations in the rum industry.
Governments and public institutionsrepresentatives of national governments and public bodies involved in the regulation and promotion of the rum industry.
Specialized mediajournalists and media outlets who cover industry news and trends rum industry.
International buyers, influencers and distributorsthose responsible for importing and distributing rum in different countries.
Rum enthusiasts and enthusiastsconsumers and aficionados who support the rum industry and actively participate in its promotion.
By bringing together these different players, the G20 of Rum would allow for constructive dialogue, share best practices, discuss key industry issues and promote a common vision for a prosperous future for the rum ecosystem. worldwide.